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Re: Is Avery Brooks a good actor?

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I have seen DS9 in it's entirety but wanted to get a feel of what other Niners think.

Good actors abound on this show with Shimmerman, Robinson, Alaimo, Aberjunois (I know I misspelled it), etc. Kai Winn too.

It's my favorite show but not my favorite captain.

It always seemed to me like he delivered his lines in a very heavy handed, hammed up, over the top way. You get used to it after awhile but it can be jarring if you haven't seen it in awhile.

Do you find Brooks hit it out of the park with his acting chops or left something to be desired?

Just wanted to see if I'm in the minority on this one or there are others who felt the same way.
Avery suffered from not being able to show emotion/feelings very well.

He's not the greatest actor.

Had he been the Captain of a ship, where most all the stories centered around him, that series wouldn't have lasted.

Plays a good bad ass though.
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