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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

But Tuvix kept making Kes feel skeevy because she had to tell him incessantly in increasing volume that she was not going to #### him.

That makes him a de facto rapist bordering on a de facto paedophile because of her age.

Case in point, there's a 60 percent chance that Kes and Neelix never slept together intimately, and the sex urge propelling Tuvix into that dirty, dirty, dirty sort of relationship wth the little blonde girl who is unprepared for anyhting so hot and moist, came totally from the Tuvok side of the genetic soup that made up Tuvix.

But that is what it came down to, Tuvix had to die becuase he was unfrakkable by Kes' high standards.

By that thinking, Tom should have been able to maroon or murder Janeway after she raped him and B'Elanna should have been able to maroon or murder Vorrik after he "mind" raped her into a sexual frenzy where she alsmot raped Tom... Didn't Kashak have the moral high ground becuase he was kissing Janeway becuase she was pretty?

Amazing the double standards you can find if you peel back a couple layers.

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No. He is too compromised, a wild card.
The First Officer was terrorist scum.

Hypothetically how many weeks would they have had to have been in the Delta Qudrant, before Tuvok would have allowed power to pass to Chakotay down the chain of command after what seemed like an accident caused Janeways untimely death?


I was thinking seaosn 3.

Any time before seaosn three and Tuvok would have double tapped the back of Chakotays head with a compression rifle, which has me rethinking about Resolutions?

Did Chakotay really get bit by a bug so terribley that he had to be marooned with Janeway, or did someone intentionally infect him quickly after they saw what happened to Janeway when it seemed like the Ship would be lost to Maquis control?

I could see either the Doctor having protocols to keep the command structure Starfleet heavy and I could see Tuvok being a complete asshole, he doesn't crave power, but there is no way he should trust a terrorist with the lives of the 150 crew and their mission home that early in the game.
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