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Re: Lost Girl season 4

I missed half of the premiere, and was irritated that the syfy website wasn't showing it so I went youtube searching. To my surprise (I hadn't looked for Lost Girl since I was unsuccessfful last fall) I not only found the premiere on-line in one huge bite, I found the next 8 eps scattered on various channels. (Look for a link that has a video 40+minutes long, everything else is the spam "come to this website" video)

(ETA: Just tried to go back and find said eps... last watched 2 weeks ago but they are now mssing. So sorry)

What can I say except YOWZA!

I've been afraid to come back and chat in case I reveal things too far ahead.

I will say that thus far I have enjoyed it quite a bit.

As for the Kenzi question... Kenzi knows she's a human and that a human is persona non grata in the Fae world at this point in time so she has to purchase spritely stuff to mask herself from the Fae PTB's.

She doesn't remember who claimed her, in fact she knows she can't remember and that ticks her off... hence the questions between her and Dyson/ her and Hall about what they meant to each other in the past.

What I found interesting was that on the train/in the haunted house, Bo has only fleeting memories of Kenzi and none (IIRC) of Dyson or Lauren. Along those same lines, of the folks left in Fae-land only Dyson has a Bo flashback.
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