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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

************************************************** ***************

Main Bridge
USS Ariane

“Firing the tricobalt devices, for all warp vehicles,” Commander Rhizzo informed her crew. Her fingers moved deftly over the inset arm controls and she raptly watched as the spears of energy punched through the onrushing spheres.

Thankfully they could not withstand the onslaught and were demolished. The bridge cheered, but Rhizzo kept her satisfaction to herself this time.

That was only the preview. “Training the warp vehicles on the seed ship,” she said. Turning to Atwell, she ordered, “Prepare the isolytic burst. We’ll fire them at the same time.”

“Aye sir,” her first officer had long given up arguing with her. She smiled at him, thankful for the surrender.

“It’s ready,” he said moments later.

Rhizzo leaned back in her seat, confident in her course of action. “Fire.”
************************************************** ***************

Main Bridge
USS Empress

“The K’mpec has less than a minute before a full warp core breach,” Chief Thav informed the captain. On the main viewer she saw the Akira-class ship driving toward the Kothlis’Ka attack cruiser, seemingly unfazed as the alien craft blasted chunks of its hull away.

“They’ve lost shields, and all major systems, including life support,” Lt. Aarti said. “They’ve also started ejecting escape pods.”

“Drop shields and beam anyone who is still on that vessel, off of it,” Erasia said without hesitation.
************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Ariane

“My God,” Commander Atwell gasped as space opened up and devoured the seed ship. The combined might of the Ariane and the warp vehicles had opened a massive subspace tear that cleaved through the Kothlis’Ka fleet. The surviving ships scattered, trying to avoid oblivion. Commander Rhizzo pumped her fist and a larger shout erupted across the bridge.

“Take that,” the Zakdorn crowed. Composing herself, she then said, “Open a channel and give offer them the chance to surrender.” It wasn’t enough to drive the Kothlis’Ka from their space; they also had to pay for murdering Captain Landau.

“Sir,” Atwell protested.

“Not now,” Rhizzo snapped, “Do as I command.”

“It’s not that sir,” Atwell snapped back. “We’re being drawn into the subspace tear.”

“What?” Rhizzo glanced at the screen before looking at him. “Reverse engines, maximum warp.”

“I wouldn’t recommend that sir,” Atwell pointed out; “The subspace tear is drawn to our warp core.”

“Switch to impulse then!” Rhizzo barked. She felt the tug of the ship towards the gaping mouth. She could feel doubts clawing at her edifice of certainty.

“Impulse won’t be strong enough,” Atwell said, his eyes clouding for a moment. “Perhaps we could jettison the core, ignite it and neutralize it. It has been done once before, in the Briar Patch.”

“I don’t want to be this far out without a warp drive, but if that’s the only thing that can save us,” she paused, waiting to see if anyone else had any better ideas. There were no takers. “Then do it.”

Klaxons went off as she felt a deep rumble from the heart of the ship. “Warp core has been ejected,” Atwell informed her.

“Destroy it,” she ordered. She could see the hole in space growing larger, the mouth widening as the ship drifted towards it.

The main viewer was overwhelmed and the ship was buffeted by shockwaves as Atwell carried out her order. Blinded momentarily by the intense flash, Rhizzo’s vision returned in blotchy patches.

“Has the subspace tear been eliminated?” She asked, unable to see for herself.

“Not quite,” Atwell answered, his tone somber.

“What does that mean?” Rhizzo rubbed her eyes, willing her sight to return.

“The tear was too large. Our actions merely created fractured it,” the first officer replied.

“Damn,” Rhizzo said. “What is our situation?”

“That’s the bad part,” Atwell began. Rhizzo never heard what else the man had to say.
************************************************** *************
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