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Star Trek: Bombay

There was an era of Star Trek, a time of high adventure and amazing excitement. It was the time of an exiled time-lost warlord who sought revenge upon the man who wronged him, and of the terrible price that man paid to save his ship and crew. Of the time that captain lost his son and had to sacrifice his ship to cheat death, to take one last chance to bring his friend back. Of the crew, re-united, travelling into Earth's past to save it's present. And their final mission, to see the walls of hatred and mistrust between two societies finally brought down. This was the era of Star Treks II through VI, when the uniforms were the sharpest, the ships the most majestic, and the franchise was at it's finest.

Aboard the USS Bombay NCC-1806 (Miranda Class), we are seeking to recapture the essence of those films, and The Original Series, too. Come play in an era before the technology became too magical, before communication between a ship and Starfleet was instantaneous, when Klingons and Romulans were both bad and sometimes all you could trust was the phaser on your hip.
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