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Re: Is Avery Brooks a good actor?

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Bad Thoughts wrote:
I might be interested in an episode in which Nog could not stop mourning the loss of his father, it would have a different poignancy.
I'm not sure I could take it. Nog is pretty whiny when he wants to be.
Nog-centric stories often involve self-pity, though to be fair, The Visitor has its share as well. And I would not suggest that such an episode would be on par with The Visitor: it would more likely resemble It's Only A Paper Moon. Nonetheless, I think that it would succeed better than a Wesley-centered The Visitor, even if a better actor were cast as the grown-up Wesley. DS9 invested in family relationships, and it paid off in The Visitor, even if the primary actors, Sisko and Lofton, did not appear as much in the episode as other characters. Indeed, I wasn't nearly as touched by Beverly's disappointed that Wesley was dropping out as I was by Sisko being disappointed that Jake gave up writing. I didn't care about the former relationship.
Poor Wesley was doomed from day one. Instead of being cowed by Picard in the first ep, they should have had him say "Don't have a cow man"....or...the equivalent . Without being bratty, but just letting Picard know that he's overreacting.
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