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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Steinbrenner wants a salary cap?
Don't know, but it' the player's union that doesn't want one.

If I was an owner, I'd want one.
If you were the owner of the Yankees, you'd want to give up your competitive advantage and start spending the same amount as the Athletics?

What about as a Yankees fan, since you're talking about what others want while admitting you don't know what Yankees ownership wants, do you think there should be a salary cap?
I was not speaking for the Yankees. There are 31 other teams, and about what-24 of them aren't the "big spenders".

If I'm the other owners, where would I put that "cap"? What's "Fair"?....

A salary cap only puts more money in the owners pockets.

I can't believe the player union in the NFL accepted such a low cap.

If my Yankees were in and winning something like 70-80 percent of the WS's, then I would have a problem with it. But they aren't.

Personally, I want every scout that works for the A's to come work for the Yankees. Really, how good are they?

Is that an "unfair advantage"?

You can't deny what the Yankees do. They pay their players. They could spend 300 mill on a team... So their franchise give them the ability to make mistakes that others couldn't afford.

But there are billionaires out there that chose not to pay their players too... what do you do about them?
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