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Re: I hate her so much I skip pages with her on it.

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Side note - did you create T'Ryssa, Chris?
Yes, I did, along with fellow Enterprise-E personnel Rennan Konya (who debuted in SCE: Aftermath) and Counselor Hegol Den. She and Den debuted, and Konya joined the E-E crew, in Greater Than the Sum by yours truly. Though I actually created the Chen character years earlier, under the name T'Lyssa Chen, for a Trek/D&D crossover role-playing game that a friend and I played over e-mail for a brief while (before she had a child and her priorities shifted).
That's a really interesting back story about the origin of the T'Ryssa character. The fact that some people don't like her makes her a good character, the crappy characters are the ones that don't inspire any emotion at all!
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