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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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^Prime Trek isn't Berman Trek. It includes it.
It is mainly Berman produced Trek.

Are you saying most of the remaining "true" 450 fans across the world who want the "prime" universe back want to see 1960's paper mache boulders and cat suits? No, they want to see unrealistic characters like Odo, Tom Paris, Kira, Janeway and Dukat on the Enterprise NCC-1701-N and featuring Klingon Emperor Worf because that's the style of Trek that got them into it.

The alt universe gives the studio artistic license to break away from the dated and bland production values of Berman trek - other sci fi and adventure movies have left prime trek in its wake 10 years ago.
Yes, I hate that fanwank crap that some fans want too (the Bring Back Kirk campaign makes me physically ill), but you don't need an alt universe to get away from that. Just don't hire any uber-fanboys for your writing staff.
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