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Re: I hate her so much I skip pages with her on it.

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T'Ryssa is just a half-Vulcan Ro Laren.
In the sense that they're both Picard proteges whose attitude contrasts with the usual TNG crew, yes, it was my intent to do something similar. But Ro is ultra-serious and driven while Trys is just the opposite (at least to start with). And Ro has a tragic backstory from growing up under Cardassian oppression and in refugee camps, whereas Trys is a Starfleet brat whose attitude is mostly about coming from a broken home and rebelling against the roles and expectations people have tried to impose on her. Really she has more in common with Tom Paris than Ro, I'd say. And is maybe kind of an anti-Spock, a human-Vulcan hybrid who went in the opposite direction.
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