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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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As a matter of fact, they are doing the rest of the league a favor by buying up terrible players while leaving the door open for other teams to spend smartly. You should be grateful.
See, this is the kind of shit that gets on people's nerves when talking with certain Yankees fans. It becomes one of two lines of conversation. It's either, "The Yankees have totally killed it this offseason, it's time for another World Series " like the Commissioner's Trophy is the Yankees' fucking divine right of Kings or some shit like that, or it's "Yeah, the Yankees are making it easy on everyone else on purpose, enjoy it while you can " like everything is God's Master Plan to make sure that Yankee Stadium will eventually always reign supreme. There's a complete lack of self-awareness and it's nauseating.

I mean, let's take a look at the Yankees' infield for this season. If / when Jeter and Teixeira go down in May (Teixeira is feeling stiffness in his wrist, which is a red flag after major surgery, and Jeter looks to be made of balsa wood at this point), an infield that exceeds the Marlins' entire payroll will then be earning about $7 million. Putting yourself in a situation where you need Brian Roberts to stay healthy is not a recipe for success. But there are people trying to rationalize that kind of dumpster diving as a masterstroke. The hell?

Anyway, two weeks to spring training, thank God. That the Cubs are focusing on making sure the kids learn (even though it's pretty much a given that every single Cubs prospect is going to bust horribly or look really good for a season and then get mauled by wolves or have their souls consumed by that terrifying new mascot or something) and are not even bothering to compete for another year is pretty relaxing: Pay attention for the first quarter of the season, gradually tune out as they suck, then root against the Cardinals in the playoffs isn't a bad way to watch baseball.

Except for anything that involves Starlin Castro plate appearances.

That part blows goats no matter what.
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