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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 118: The Voyager Bunch

Janeway: No, according to the research there was no way Khan could have known Chekov prior to Kirk's mission to Ceti Alpha V.
Tuvok: Fascinating.
Torres: It must have been some kind of temporal anomaly.
Chakotay: No, even Chekov was confused by the reference.
Janeway: Like temporal anomalies, maybe this is one of those conundrums better left unsolved.
Tuvok: Though it does continue to provide robust area for discussion and speculation.
Torres: I'll say. Plus that Khan wasn't exactly hard on the eyes.
Chakotay: His bench press? Two-thirty.
Torres: What? Pounds?
Chakotay: Kilos.
Tuvok: Impressive.
Janeway: Indeed he was.
EMH: Hello? Vidiian space?
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