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Re: TOS Big 12 (or 18)

USS EXETER (NCC-1672) (NCC-1706)


Assigned 2265 to 2268
(Relieved stardate ? -2267 )

(Assigned 2268- )

Replacing the dishonorably discharged Ronald Tracey as Captain of the Exeter, John Quincy Garrovick assumed command in 2268. His fate beyond that year is so far unrevealed.

Garrovick is intelligent, intense, quick-witted but also somewhat short-fused, dour and uptight, with a streak of misoginism.

His general grim outlook resulted from personal trauma and untreated abandonment issues. He was marooned as a young cadet for two years on a harsh, isolated planet, losing his girlfriend as a result. During the same incident a close relative died tragically (former USS Farragut captain A. Steven GARROVICK).

As a starship captain, he is dedicated to the service and a creative problem-solver. He runs an efficient ship but maintains conflicted relations with authority and his own executive officer.

Currently the starship Exeter and Captain GARROVICK are featured in a web-series occurring during STAR TREK’s never broadcast ‘’fourth season’’. Garrovick is played by Jimm JOHNSON/James CULHANE.

Next up: Starship DEFIANT and Thomas BLAIR
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