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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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The fact that this myth took 2 weeks to test got me thinking. I've known for years that they must have a bunch of different myths going on at once, in different stages of readiness or progress. So I'd love to see an episode that shows us "a day in the life" for the Mythbusters, or maybe a week -- however long it takes to show the process of them dealing with the various myths they have going on concurrently. Of course, that would leave the longer myths incomplete, but they could be resolved in later episodes, or maybe there could be flashforwards or something.
I just watched one of their early "blooper" episodes on Netflix this evening and had a great time watching it. I'm sure they could something similar with a "Behind the Scenes" special where they show us how they put an episode together. I know I would watch it.
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