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Re: MLP:FiM S4E12 - "Pinkie Pride" - Grading & Discussion

Chemahkuu wrote: View Post

Everything with Pinkie felt like good old season 1 and I loved that. We got more Derpy and even Mjolna returned in the flashback, the final song and party are great, evoked a lot of the good old days of pony.

But Rainbow Dash ditching her friends for a third time in as many episodes felt very off, the mane6 doing the same was bad, and Weird Al as much as I may like his own work, really colossally miss-fired for me in this episode. He was shoe-horned in so badly, took over the whole damn episode, created so much hype, etc that it just ruined the episode for me.

Really wish they hadn't done this.
SeerSGB wrote: View Post
Not the best of the season, still it is a solid B / A-. Fun episode, very Season 1 in feel.
I will never understand some of you guys. It's been straight A's all season in these threads, even for the shitty episodes, and now, suddenly, it's not, even though this was cetainly no worse than anything else this season. Mooooving on....

Anyway, it worked for me. There was some emotion with this one. Cheese's secret at the end was very touching.

Also good: Ponyville finally felt like a real, thriving town again for the first time this season. Really good and effective songs, too.

Plus the live action shots? WHAT THE FUCK (IN A GOOD WAY.)

The not-so-good: too much modern technology again at the party. More human poses and hoof-hands. Sigh. I guess that's something I'll have to learn to live with.

The great: DERPY! And adorable filly Derpy!

It's been a long, long time since FiM made me feel anything, as this season's been slowly going downhill for me, but I got choked up several times this week. Pinkie's heartache was palpable.

Great job, A episode, Amy Keating Rogers for head writer please.
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