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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

This really seemed to be more of a "Mini Myth" episode than a "Do Try This At Home" one since half of the stories they told you couldn't do at home. Still an interesting take.

I think you may be on to something, Christopher, that the microwave may have heated and killed microbes in the water beyond what simply boiling water could do. But at the same time, yeah, other tests would need to be done to rule out the microwaved water plant(s) growing better being a fluke. And, yeah, it was one with a result I knew how it would come out. The premise of it seemed built on the idea some still have that microwaves use dangerous forms of radiation to heat things. As I've said before when it comes to any "myth" dealing with microwaves or other forms of EM radiation, humanity is bathed in all sorts of forms of radiation from radio waves, microwaves and all of that and has been for pretty much a century. If it was dangerous (which it can't be since it's non-ionizing. The energy of these forms of radiation being too big to cause damage to cells) we'd been seeing some serious impacts on humanity for quite some time now.

The metronome test was interesting. I think the failure of the large-scale test came from the foam on the air-hockey table. I think it probably gave too many variables for all of the metronomes to balance out. With the foam on the tubes the metronomes only had one axis to balance. (Left/Right, horizontal axis.) But on the hockey table the metronomes had to balance out through pretty much three dimensions. Left/Right, Font/Back and Up/Down (as the foam shifted while floating on the air.) I think it was just more than could be overcome by the devices. Setting up another "one dimensional" system to shift things around may have gotten them better results.

Or if it was a case of the devices being imperfect and out of sync with one another I'd think it'd be fairly easy to get them tuned in to one another by having one or two being your "base" and then introducing the others one at a time and tuning them in to the "controls." Then they'd all be in sync and the large-scale experiment could work.

I disagree with the conclusions on the fire-fighting boat. As the premise itself already has a LOT you have to grant someone. I mean I wouldn't tell Joe Blow to go out there with a regular boat and try this without any boating experience. But someone who *is* a capable boatman with a capable boat this "could" work in emergency situations, where people take risks all of the time to save lives or prevent the spread of a disaster.

I mean, this is like telling someone to not run into a burning building to save a trapped person and to wait for the fire department to get there. Yeah, sure, doing it would be dangerous and the fire department is better trained and equipped to save that person but they might get there too late.

The other "myths" I've not much to say on. Interesting look at some chemical reactions and the testing of pressures with the CO2 "myth." Interesting construction this time of their "human analogue", particularly using someone from BTS rather than either Jamie, Adam or one of the Jr. Team.

I agree, Christopher, that the metronome test wasn't their biggest failure. They've certainly had others where tried as they might they couldn't get things to work. The second JATO test is up there but, to be fair, it was a failure on the part of the makers of the rockets and not so much on Jamie and Adam.
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