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Re: Lost Girl season 4

Now that the 4th season has started airing in the U.S., what do you guys think?

(BTW, if you're an American fan, stay way far away from Lost Girl's Facebook page. There have been some recent major bombshells late in the season that the Canadian fans will not stop talking about.)

I don't have cable but I did get the season pass on iTunes for only $17. I've caught the first 2 episodes so far. This Wanderer story arc is pretty clever because it gives them a natural way in to story to give Anna Silk some maternity leave.

Actually, the first episode, "In Memorium," is right up there with "Arachnofaebia," "Mirror Mirror," & "Original Skin" as one of my all-time favorite episodes. It's amazing how well the show works without Bo. In fact, much as I love Bo, I kinda want to just watch the Kenzi show from now on. And Dyson & Kenzi totally need to become a permanent item.

Although, some of the stuff doesn't really make sense if no one can remember Bo. If Kenzi is still considered a terrorist simply for being a claimed human, who claimed her? And how would Kenzi have met Dyson, Trick, et al without first meeting Bo?

The kinds of memory changing stories are often tricky. Angel never really answered the question of how any of Wesley's storyline makes any sense any more now that they can't remember Connor. And on Doctor Who, Amy still existed despite the fact that her parents had totally been erased from existence.

What do you guys think about Season 4 so far?
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