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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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Proposing a concept where these warp components no longer need to have space in-between each other for warp field creation (e.g. vessels with single warp nacelle) has an inevitable retroactive continuity effect which I personally find impossible to tolerate:
If all the ships portrayed in TOS has 2 nacelles widely spaced from each other, that would be true as a retcon. However with the existence of the no-nacelle Mudd's ship and other starships that lack nacelles (First Federation cube probe, Fesarius, Tholians, Eymorg Ion ship, etc) that puts the idea of paired nacelles as a necessity as a post-TOS myth, IMHO.

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From a practical point I'm confident that no Starfleet, Klingon or Romulan engineer would have constructed their ships the way they did, unless it was absolutely necessary for optimal FTL performance.
If there was an optimal shape or design for FTL performance we'd see all races use it. Instead we get the saucer Earth ships, the long-necked Klingons, the arrow-like Tholians, the spherical First Federation, etc.
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