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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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Because it's still an advantage. They are relieved of the burdens of mismanagement. While they won't win every year, their money makes them competitive regardless of how stupid their decisions are. With the possible exception of teams in LA, no one else can do this. In addition, it distorts the market. Other teams can plan smart, but they can't save for the big final piece because they'll be outbid by NY for him. That's the problem.

For every other team, the luxury tax is enough to remedy this without having to go to the harsh inflexibility of a salary cap. But the Yankees are apparently immune to this as well now.
It's clearly not that much of a problem since according to you the Yankees are mismanaged. As a matter of fact, they are doing the rest of the league a favor by buying up terrible players while leaving the door open for other teams to spend smartly. You should be grateful.
To me, it's just ridiculous that one or two teams can just nab every top notch player they want. Players that may or may not get them to the promised land, but might just put another team over the hump.

A cap certainly makes it more fair and more challenging for a team to "make it happen".
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