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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

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Unlike the JJPrise, the REAL Enterprise took ergonomics and eyestrain into account.
Except for the horrible angle of the control desks, which was so the camera always had a nice view of the buttons but not to make using them comfortable or the desks at all useful.
They aren't desks at all. They are control consoles. As such, they are angled to present the seated officer a clear view of all of the controls. And those controls are fanned out ergonomically within arm's reach. The overhead screens are angled down to provide the operator, as well as the captain on the lower level a clear view.

The level of thought given the ergonomics of the bridge was unprecedented. Even the U.S. Navy came to have a look at what a lowly television set designer had created.

The JJPrise, on the other hand, is a total fall back to the old "it's just science fiction -- put some blinky lights on it" school of design. Recessed lighting that shines directly into the eyes of whoever is sitting at the console -- just so the camera can pick up a cliché lens flare. Give me a break...

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