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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

CeJay and Gibraltar,

Thanks for reading and commenting always. I hope you enjoy how this all is going to end.

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Empress

The words came too easily to Captain Erasia. She had spoken them now across countless battlefields, against the Klingons, Dominion, and Talarians. Her crew knew them damnably well by now too.

“Attack pattern omega two,” she called out and her crew complied. The Empress swung under the K’mpec, lobbing phaser fire at the oncoming Kothlis’Ka vessel. Above, the Akira-class starship did likewise. Symbiotically the two starships became whirling destruction.

“No damage to Kothlis’Ka shields,” Commander Sheppard didn’t hide his disappointment.

“Keep firing,” she commanded. “Perhaps we can keep them off balance so they won’t be able to fire their neutronium rounds.”

Erasia reluctantly had to order Empress to hold fire as she broke from the K’mpec to avoid colliding with the Kothlis’Ka vessel. Empress went below it and did her best to soften its underbelly as it passed the ship. She was satisfied to see a few shots hit home, disrupting the shield encapsulating the enemy ship.

“Minimal damage to their shields,” Sheppard reported.

“That’s a start,” she felt encouraged. Erasia ordered the ship to come about. K’mpec matched her.

“Care to do this again Captain Tanaka?” She asked. She had maintained audio communication with the K’mpec.

“Certainly,” he replied. The Kothlis’Ka vessel was slowly turning to face them. Tan couldn’t shake the feeling that the aliens were toying with them and that eventually their patience would end.

“How about we add quantum torpedoes to the mix this time?” She suggested, hiding her growing fears.

“You’re reading my mind,” Tanaka quipped.
************************************************** *****************
Main Bridge
USS Ariane

When Commander Rhizzo saw the spheres eject from the seed ship she understood why the Kothlis’Ka warships had left the larger vessels unattended.

“We’ve got incoming,” Lt. Commander Atwell stated the obvious.

“Evasive maneuvers,” Rhizzo also stated the obvious. “And put the warp vehicles into play. Form a layer around us.” The first officer carried out her orders and the warp vehicles fell into place around the Saber-class ship. The extra protection didn’t make the Zakdorn feel any better.

“The spheres will be on us in twenty seconds, what do we do?” Atwell asked.

“Win this fight,” she replied. “The only way I know how. I’m going to activate the isolytic burst.”

“What?” Atwell didn’t hide his shock. “I thought Captain Erasia confiscated our weapon.”

Rhizzo chuckled. “You didn’t think I just had only one constructed did you?”
************************************************** **************

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