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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

This is the problem with casting actors (both amateur and professional) to play Vulcans. It's not about the stoic exterior, it's about what's underneath that barely showing beneath the surface.

Obviously, Nimoy defined it and Lenard gave us a view from the other side.

Nothing against actors who have been cast to play Vulcans in the past, but none that I have seen have come close to the two originals. One exception, in my opinion, is Kim Cattrall, who played her character perfectly.

It's a lot to ask of fan productions to cast actors who can pull off playing a Vulcan sucessfully, because the bar has been set so high.

But something these actors can do is try to be less unemotional, and be more a character with emotions straining to break free.

I could have gone a lot of places with this, but I hear supper calling ...
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