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Re: Cause and Effect (??)

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And there's not enough air in the main shuttle bay to move the mass of the Enterprise out of the way and certainly not in any meaningful rate to push the ship out of the way in time.
Given the dimensions of the main shuttle bay door and assuming that there is sea level pressure in the flight deck, initially there would be over six thousand tonnes of force.

Newton's third law of motion. The Enterprise is expelling matter aft, generating propulsion force forward.
Six Thousand tonnes of force being expelled pretty much instantly isn't going to be nearly enough to move the Enterprise at any meaningful rate. Yes there's going to be "some" counter force under Newton's Third law, but under the same principle doing a jump technically pushes the earth slightly downward; even though it weighs around 6 septillion kilograms and I weigh around 100.

The mass of the air in the shuttlebay may be 6,000 tonnes but the mass of the Enterprise is around 4.5 million tonnes.

The air in the shuttlebay is going to be expelled pretty much instantly when the doors are opened, so that's 6,000 tonnes of force all at once in a single instant. That's not going to be enough to move something 750 times as massive in any meaningful way.
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