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Re: U.S.S. Hecla - a TOS destroyer???

Well, I do.
When originally commissioned, I'd imagine she would have the following:
2x forward dorsal hull mounted twin phaser banks, 1 port and 1 starboard
1x forward ventral hull mounted twin phaser bank, forward mounted
3x ventral planetary sensor mounted defensive phaser emitters, 1 forward, one port, and 1 starboard
2x bridge module mounted torpedo tubes, forward arc
2x ventral fore torpedo tubes
Add forward dorsal and ventral tractor beam emitters along with aft arcs, and your finished with the Hecla as launched.
But this would only be the original complement, as further upgrades could see an additional:
2x dorsal aft arc single phaser emitters, 1 port and starboard each
4x ventral aft arc single phaser emitters, 1 port and starboard under the fantail, and an additional two mounted on the ventral engineering hull.
1 dorsal aft arc torpedo tube, mounted on either the bridge module (above or in place of the observational telescope), or in the upper surface of the engineering hull.
1 ventral aft arc torpedo tube, mounted in the engineering hull fantail outcut.
And this is what I consider to be the minimum. Further upgrades, and a complete refit, can see additional weaponry.

I find planning out the armament to be fun!
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