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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Some people are mad because they'd convinced themselves the role belonged to Joaquin Phoenix...
Ummmm.... The guy who until he did "Her" claimed he was quitting acting? Not once did I see anyone say Joaquin Phoenix should be Luther. Hell, that's a terrible idea.
The story that Phoenix was being pursued for the role went round a few weeks ago and was carried on a lot of sites. I saw a lot of enthusiastic responses to it on many of them. It may or may not be a terrible idea but it had its cheerleaders.
Ditto for Bryan Cranston.

The problem with today's spoilerphilic era, where random rumors and speculation are routinely treated as "news," is that fandom convinces itself that Cranston or Phoenix are the only acceptable choices--and then feels cheated when they don't get what the internet "promised" them.

Everybody's a back-seat casting director . . . .
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