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Re: Never Can Say Goodbye; No, no, no, no... (spoiler)

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That said.. I'm not sure its gonna be a good idea to have a past Doctor basically going "don't worry kids, I may look like a doddery old grandpa, but I'm still me!". On the one hand, I understand Moffat's doing it for the younger audience to stay tuned for this new Doctor, but it does seem out of the ordinary. I mean, we didn't have Jon Pertwee or David Tennant reaffirming their audiences to stay tuned for this new Doctor, did we?
Maybe not for those two, but they did do the same basic thing in Troughton's first episode, by having the image of Hartnell stare back at him in the mirror for a couple seconds:

If they could do it all the way back then, I don't see the harm in a quick little reassuring phone call from Smith today.
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