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Re: Cause and Effect (??)

I decided to rewatch this episode after reading the thread. One thing I always wondered...what if for each loop, someone made it to an escape pod. Given the short period of time between the order and the destruction, it would have to be right there.

Would that mean people would seem to disappear in the newer loops? It wouldn't have been the senior staff as they all were on the bridge since they were in the conference room right before the encounter with the anomaly.

However, they were in the conference room due to the oddities that popped up as result of the loops. That may mean they weren't in the conference room the first time around. I suspect the problems or the changes certain departments mentioned in the first loop we saw were related to the loops.

Beverly wasn't called to sickbay during the poker game. Beverly didn't break the glass since there wouldn't be any voices to spook her. Or was the voices always there?
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