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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

It's possibly worth noting that, even in the comics, Luthor has been reinvented more than once. I'm old enough to remember when Lex was an evil scientist in a gray prison jumpsuit, before he became a physical threat in green-and-purple battle armor, before he was remade as a ruthless tycoon and future President . . ..

And certainly Hackman, Shea, and Rosenbaum all put their own spin on the character. (Spacey was stuck playing a somewhat more vicious take on Hackman's Luthor.)

The point being that there is NO definitive version of Lex Luthor, so there's always room for a new interpretation. And it seems to me that some of the complaints boil down to "He's not right for my favorite version of Luthor."

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