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Re: Why are Trekkies so Hateful of Star Trek?

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TNG was about diplomacy. TOS was about adventures in space - many of which ended in fighting.
LOL, TNG was about prissy preachifying and a take on the Prime Directive that was so restrictive that it logically entailed morally repugnant sins of omission (Oh well, we'll just let this race die. Prime Directive, you know).

TNG was also smug. Humans had now "arrived" and were the perfected utopian people Roddenberry wanted. TOS was populated by people with flaws. It was self-conscious of the moral limitations of humans. TOS didn't brag about humanity's perfection, but simply held out the hope that one day we might be worthy to sit at the table with Organians and Metrons. In TNG, on the other hand, Picard lectures Q, non-ironically(!), with Shakespeare's "What a piece of work is man"!

TOS was about diplomacy. In Mirror Mirror, for example, Kirk negotiates for Dilithium from the Halkans, but notes that the Federation would not take the crystals by force. And before they beam back to their universe, Kirk does his best to convince goatee Spock that "in every revolution there is one man with a vision!" to attempt to get him to consider attempting to changes the evil empire.
Actually I find the people who insist religiously that the flaws of humanity are a natural state that we should embrace and just follow our personal selfish needs are more smug about it than TNG ever is outside a handful of episodes, especially if you ignore season 1.
Problem is that they preached about enlightenment and then showed (in First Contact and DS9) they were no better than man is today.

It's makes me wonder if 24th century kids are indoctrinated to believe in their own superiority at school.
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