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Re: New Aventine novel announced for 2015!

From JJM's blog, (the link is in the OP by the way ) :

Following my debut in the Star Trek universe with next month's Titan: Absent Enemies e-novella, I have a full-length Star Trek novel releasing in 2015!

It's as Margaret describes: I had a lot of fun writing the novella, and was struck with a great idea for a stand-alone adventure novel set in the 24th Century era. It turned out to fit in well with Pocket Books' plans to focus on missions of exploration, as Margaret describes in the podcast, so I'm pleased to be doing it.

As she says in the interview, it involves the Aventine, the ship of Ezri Dax (who you may recall from Deep Space Nine and many fine Trek novels); there are also many characters familiar to viewers of The Next Generation with major roles. Far too early to say anything else, other than it should be a blast to read!
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