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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

On a TV:

20. Gods and Monsters (1998) -- B
21. In The Mood For Love (2000) -- A

Gods and Monsters is a fictionalized account of director James Whale's final weeks. It was made for peanuts, and Bill Condon's style feels a little small at times, but the writing is sharp and the performances (especially Ian McKellan, in a breakout role, and Brendan Fraser, who needs to do better movies) are excellent. The recreations of scenes from Bride of Frankenstein are a lot of fun, too.

In The Mood For Love is the first Wong Kar-wai film I've seen. It was absolutely beautiful to look at and the performances from the leads were sharp. There's some good dialogue scenes here, too, despite much of the movie playing without words. I know this film has a relationship to Days of Being Wild and 2046, but I'm not sure how closely the films are actually linked. Anyone here know?
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