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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

6. Inside Llewyn Davis (A)

On my way home from seeing this I came across a street guitarist, and gave him a few bucks, mostly due to the after-effects of the movie.

This has gone down as the main "overlooked" film of this year's Oscar season (notwithstanding its two deserved nominations, including cinematography), particularly since Her kind of stole its thunder as the critical cause celebre. I'm kind of surprised it missed out on Picture and Screenplay, since A Serious Man made it in a few years ago, and this strikes me as a more accessible piece of work on the whole; maybe it was just too competitive a year.

In any event, this another typical success from the Coens, about trying to be an artist and not succeeding. It's an interesting portrait, and it's equivocal how much of it is Llewyn himself and how much is the world around him. Oscar Isaac is terrific in the lead part. The eclectic supporting cast generally has one a few scenes apiece, but all well-cast (including Star Trek: Voyager's Ethan Phillips), though the side trip with Garrett Hedlund (seemingly more or less reprising his performance from On the Road) and Coens regular John Goodman seems kind of superfluous.

Cinema: 4 (+1)
DVD: 0
Computer: 2
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