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Re: TWOK uniforms : original badge design

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And more from ANOVOS on the TWOK uniforms :

When costumer Robert Fletcher designed the uniforms for Star Trek II he was asked to provide not so much a costume, but rather a “real” uniform with all of the complexity of something designed in the 23rd century. One of the ideas he came up with was that the uniform itself would signal to the ship’s computer if the wearer was permitted access to vital areas of a starship. And so Bob created the “Security Device”; that nifty doodad on the back of all the officer’s uniforms in the film. Nearly every character’s is different and they were created from of all things the wheels of World War II tank model kits. Using a modeling technique called “Kit bashing” the costume department took different sizes and shapes of wheels and gears and recombined them into the various “Security Devices” seen throughout the Star Trek films starring the Original cast.
I've seen those on the backs of the actors and kind of wondered about them, but I hadn't really noticed they were all different, and that they had an intended function is new to me.

Was this ever documented anywhere? like a fanzine tech manual? I don't remember this detail being in Mr. Scott's Guide for example (but it's been a long time since I've looked at it).
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