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Re: Excelsior Class/Enterprise B Deckplans Blueprints?

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Indeed. It would be impossible to make deck plans of the ship at it's official 467m size, unless one drew the bridge as a closet. Strategic Design's refit Enterprise blueprints had to fudge quite a bit to fit everything into 305m.
For what it's worth, I took some measurements from these images:

The saucer is 200 meters wide, so by adjusting the zoom on my screen until I had it at 200 millimeters, I was able to measure the bridge at either 18 meters or 30 meters wide, depending on which level you make as the bridge deck.

One the front-view, the #5 labeled as "Main Bridge" is pointing to the sensor dome. Presuming the bridge it not just in that dome, it has to be the next level down. But if memory serves, the command area of the bridge had over-height ceilings, so one could make the bridge on the second level down.

Either way, there's plenty of room to make the bridge larger than a closet.
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