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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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A frame by frame analysis is necessary because the grain in the original film stock will shift from one frame to the next, but I would think that a person with a good eye (and a lot of patience) would be able to see whether the majority of the frames show a 6 or an 8 for each of the contentious registries.
This is the problem I encountered, there is no majority. Regarding "1X64" and "1X97" there is an equal amount of frames that do suggest a "6" or an "8".

Since I presented a theory further up in post # 123 regarding the last two digits, it's essential to decipher "1X64" to determine whether my theory holds water or "there she blows".

One of my friends has the big Sony 4K UltraHD front projector and the latest Oppo BD player. Next time I see him I will bring my TOS BD along and see if it's clearer to see there.
Tonight we had our quarterly home theatre evening at my friend's house together with our lawyer. The Sony 4K's upscaling provided a little more clarity concerning the issue.

We replayed the decisive scene several times (training our eyes to track the important lines and fix on the registries) and it became obvious that it is "1664".

Curiously, that wasn't that clear early on with "1X97". But eventually we agreed that what was on the screen was a "1697" and not an "1897".

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