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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

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Though if you think about it if you did get 400 Qmendations per FE run you could get the ship in 3 runs since thats 1200 and you only need 1000 for the ship.

Which is probably why this was a one run thing becuase everyone would likely have the ship by now.
Knew it wasn't going to be 400 every time, just misread the rest and thought every run after was going to award 40. You get the 40 at the Academy event, just not the FE. That's where my disconnect was...

Then again, we got the ship in only one mission last year, so 3 wouldn't have been outrageous. It's just the 3 plus 15 runs of the Q in a box thing...
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