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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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So even Spock can't be bothered to sidle up and put a neck pinch on a not 100% former deity, some best friend...
“Some best friend” is right. Maybe it’s just me, but I never get the feeling of friendship between Kirk and Spock in either STC or Phase 2. Phase 2 in particular seems to play up the Kirk / McCoy friendship instead. Maybe it was because of the number of actors playing Spock or a lack of chemistry between the actors, but Spock isn’t even written to be much more than a dispenser of information. He has no real personality and without deft writing or acting, Spock can be very bland. Go back to the series; he doesn't just exist for Bones to hurl insults toward.

Say what you want about “Come What May,” but it wasn't about the guests (Eddie Paskey! John Winston!). Seeing Kirk and Spock talking about the meaning of a hymn in Kirk’s quarters was a nice touch and showed us an off duty relationship. Now, however, Spock is just there. You could drop him from the series altogether and his absence would hardly be noticed because we have Bones and Peter filling in as Kirk’s "family." I mean, jeez, Scotty gets more lines than Spock. I’d love to see Phase 2 in particular get to the heart of why these three characters are so well loved.
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