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I watched the first episode on YouTube, and you know, even though as you say it's pure cheese, I found it pretty good 80's action fun.
Even though it was a remake of a 1970 episode of the original series.
It'll be interesting when I get that far to see how close it is to the original, which I gather isn't set in London.
It was set in a US city -- I think it was either LA or NYC.

If it's a The Child situation it presumably could well be quite heavily reworked despite the strike.
The strike was actually resolved early enough in pre-production that they were able to do rewrites, change character names, and so forth. That's also true of "The Child." Reusing old scripts really just streamlined the initial development/outline process, so that by the time the strike ended, they had ready-made stories to put into the scripting/revision phase, rather than needing to start from scratch with new proposals and lose a lot of time.
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