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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

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That said, this thing is going to be brutal to re-run 15 times in 25 days. It's not short, and while not a bad mission, not so much fun that I'm going to want to keep doing it. God forbid doing it on multiple characters!
Iif you mean the ship grind you only get marks( or whatever Qdamnations) from the Tuvok mission once, the 400 amount. The rest you will be getting by doing the Qs anniversary mission daily 15 times at the Academy.
You have to do the Dyson Sphere mission with Tuvok max three times to get all the set pieces and stuff, if you want them that is.
Ah, that sounds a lot better. Doing the mission 3 times isn't ideal, but survivable. Was just picturing the mission 15 times per character at 25 min or so a run (seems to be about as fast as you can zip through it) is 6.25 hours per character you wanted the ship for. And as a daily, you couldn't just numb yourself and burn through it, either!

The mini-Qs are a little annoying, but at least only takes a minute or two....
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