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Re: TWOK uniforms : original badge design

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And more from ANOVOS on the TWOK uniforms :

And so Bob created the “Security Device”; that nifty doodad on the back of all the officer’s uniforms in the film. Nearly every character’s is different and they were created from of all things the wheels of World War II tank model kits.
Which was incredibly frustrating when we were trying to replicate the costumes for ST II's Australian premiere night, based only on small photos in the "Starlog Movie Magazine"! We settled on rectangular handbag clasps for the front of our uniform straps and oval handbag clasps, without the clasp, for the backs.

A few years later, when Lincoln Enterprises started selling doodads which they claimed were screen accurate, of course they looked nothing like the ones we had been attempting to study. It helps to know there were many different ones.
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