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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

Wish Chatty Cathy would just shut up and play, but that's me, I guess. Comparing tape to what he says (and in interviews with other players) 90% of what he says is complete nonsense anyway. And nothing until about 10 seconds before snap, for sure.

Fully agree he's going to change coverages based on what he sees, call out the Mike linebacker (pretty common), even a couple fake snap counts occasionally to try and draw offsides, but does he really need a 40-second stream of consciousness verbal diarrhea on EVERY snap? Just STFU and snap the ball occasionally. Since he's gotta run a certain percentages of the plays that were actually called in, would be nice if on at least ONE play, he called it in the huddle, just walked up and snapped it without saying anything. Guy just loves the sound of his own voice, and maybe helps his legend about the brilliant QB if people think he's got all this stuff going on all the time...
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