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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I got crashed out on once, just while flying through space, not even in a mission yet! And that was 2 hours after it came back on and they said everything was fine.

Cryptic really knows how to ace a launch day! Can't remember the last one that wasn't a complete clusterfuck of crashed servers.

Even given if we accept there's nothing they can do about the hardware, and there's going to be a high tide rush of people, why not do the obvious? They HAVE a queue system for when it's overloaded, why the eff don't they use it on launch days?!? Sucks to wait in line, but isn't it better to wait in line and then play the new content rather than log in, play a minute, crash, server down an hour, back up, log in, play, crash, excuses, 2 hours down, now MAYBE it'll only be laggy for a day or so after we take it back down for emergency maintenance? Just turn on the fucking queue if the problem is too many people logging in. Unless that's just the convenient/accepted excuse, and the real problem is more with buggy untested crap that just takes a few days to work the kinks out of, and not related to user numbers.

You'd think after their fourth or fifth complete failure of a launch that they'd be up for trying to do something to avoid it...
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