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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Problem with the 6ft model is that unless you had the lighting EXACTLY right to highlight the little bumps, it could look like a frisbee. So there are plenty of shots I remember of it looking bad (along with a number that were fine, or as good as you could make that ugly PoS look given its lines.)

Another prob on occasion (and I remember this with guest ships, like the vessel in THE WOUNDED) is when they'd either speed up a shot in post or record it at 30fps instead of 24 (I think that was a Dan Curry thing, never Legato.) The vessel takes on that Telenovela look that screamed (and to me still screams) 'video/cg' ... in essence it is taking a decent model shot and making it look like a cartoon (which also happened sometimes with features ... there's a shot of the X-jet in hanger in the first X-MEN that featured a nice miniature jet, but the scanning and compositing were done in such a way that it just LOOKED like mediocre CGI.)
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