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Now, which "canon design" would that be?

Locating some TNG screencaps for TNG discussions I hadn't thought that there would be that many conference lounge screencaps with Andrew Probert's golden Enterprise-C clearly visible behind the actors.

So I'd dare to say that Probert's Enterprise-C got much more screentime during TNG than the VFX model presented in "Yesterday's Enterprise".
Oh, not this again...

The Sternbach-designed, Greg Jein-built Ambassador class model is the canon design for the class. It will always be the canon design for the class. With apologies to Andy Probert, whose work I love and whose original Ent-C design I love too, his version is not canon. An ill-defined sculpture on a wall with other ill-defined ships does not a canon design make, regardless of how much we saw it on screen. We saw Picard's desktop model of the Stargazer all seven seasons, but only saw the actual ship once. The model's registry is NCC-7100, while the Stargazer filming model's registry is NCC-2893. Are we supposed to disregard the registry on the actual filming model because we saw the desktop model more? I don't think so.
No, otherwise the USS. Stargazer would had been a Constitution class starship instead of a Constellation.

The Enterprise-C isn't the only Ambassador we had seen. We saw the USS. Zhukov, I think it was Data's Day when we saw the Zhukov. The Yamaguchi in the Emissary and the Exeter in the DS9 Tears of The Prophet. I think she was behind the Defiant when they started firing at the weapons platforms?
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