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Re: Endless ammo and other inconsistencies

One of my (very few) nitpicks about Voyager continuity is the way things like hand props got updated to the TNG movie designs, rather than staying with the TNG season 7 era designs that they started out with. Of course, this was down to them saving a few pennies by recycling props from the movies, but it does create a continuity clash if one is looking out for the subtle changes in detail.

Why would the Voyager crew, distanced entirely from the Federation, nevertheless coincidentally start using the same updated Phaser, PADD and Tricorder designs at the same time their counterparts back in the Alpha Quadrant started using updated Phasers, PADDs and Tricorders? Shouldn't Voyager have been stuck with retroactive technology? Wouldn't that have created a much better visual contrast to the other shows, similar to their decision to continue to use the old DS9 jumpsuits all the way through?

Of course, maintaining the 'TNG look' all the way along would have required creating whole new props out of the old TNG molds whenever a prop wore down too much to be usable anymore, which might have been a more costly process than just having a pool of identical props for use in all versions of the franchise. So, they just hoped that the audience wouldn't notice... and I'm sure that *most* of the audience probably didn't.
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