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I probably have Delta wings from 1985 (flight to Disney World, of course) somewhere in the boxes of my stuff in my parents' attic. I don't think I got to go to the cockpit, but seeing as I was 5 my memories of that trip are mostly the Dumbo ride and the pool at our motel. I'll have to keep JetBlue in mind when my kid is old enough to get excited about wings. We usually fly Southwest now and I'm reasonably certain they don't do that.
I'm old enough to remember that Eastern was Disney World's official airline first.

I probably still have my Northwest Airlines wings too...when my high school band flew to Europe, we all bugged the flight attendants for them. They were glad to see us deplane. Well, there weren't any little kids on that flight, why not give them to the teenagers?

I was very pleased by the news today that Eastern Airlines is being reborn. A bunch of folks from the old airline are bringing it back, so it's not just the name coming back- it's a resurrection! I hope they keep the "flying blue hockey stick" logo!
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