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Re: Best AI in Star Trek

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Ive been wondering for a while what is the better example of AI?
its been a subject close to my heart for a while (loved all of Asimov's work) and have always loved Data and the Doctor.
But here is my quandary they are both artificial lifeforms with independent taught and 'feelings'. They are both given free reign to expand there conciousness and develop as a independent life form but witch one is truly an artificial 'LIFE?'
M5, for the win.

Because it does everything that an AI -- a REAL one, at any rate -- would actually do. It makes judgement calls, it analyzes data quickly and efficiently, it reacts faster and more precisely and more efficiently than a human being could. The only real flaw in the M5 unit was its software: Doctor Daystrom (accidentally) programmed it with an inferiority complex and the machine did its best to interpret its (subconsciously entered) "Make them sorry they doubted me" program.

I have to think that the exact same computer using memory engrams from someone a lot more stable (Spock, for example) could very well serve for a hundred years without so much as a hickup.

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
The EMH is just horribly written. No way you would want an emergency doctor with ego, attitude, bad bed side manner and sometimes even argueing about direct orders. The EMH also appeared to be more sophisticated than Data ever was. Emotions to begin with, no problem with contractions, no problem with humor, etc...
There's also the fact that they established on multiple occasions that his program can be "transferred" to various portable storage devices, yet for no reason at all it can't run in multiple locations at the same time.

E.G. you can't copy yourself to your mobile emitter and then run a version of yourself in the sickbay. It would make sense if the reason for this was that the Doctor lives in the computer all the time and he's just broadcasting himself to the emitter from the ship's computer, but then that wouldn't explain why he can't be in two places at once or why, if he transfers to the mobile emitter, a copy of his last saved state BEFORE the transfer isn't still in the computer.

Basically: Voyager writers don't understand computers.
Or evolution.
Or genetics.
Or space travel.
Or black holes.
Or basic science of any kind.
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