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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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Yes, that's what you said before. Other than your opinion, I'm still not sure how that's any evidence that the ship is older.
It may not be evidence but it's something worth considering in the context of the debate. Put simply, assume it's a ship from the TOS or pre-TOS era there will be no questions regarding her hull. Assuming it's a ship from the TMP or post-TMP era those questions do come up.

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Plus, if we take the Kelvin and her pre-TOS sister ships into account, the Oberth looks nothing like them either, and they should be her contemporaries, registry-wise.
I wasn't aware that ships of a same period have to look alike.
Regarding the Enterprise-C I just suggested that maybe we should make a distinction between different Star Trek "realities" and you are doing the exact opposite. That could explain a thing or two.

@ King Daniel

What would be the purpose of such paint? I mean, the Aztec pattering could have some stealth effect but why paint a ship in white which does the exact opposite (white reflects best). It's almost like saying "your target is here."

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