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Re: New Orleans-Class

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The Sternbach-designed, Greg Jein-built Ambassador class model is the canon design for the class.
Probert's Enterprise-C was the canon design for the Ambassador Class until the VFX model came along.

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It will always be the canon design for the class.
Well, I'd say it changed our idea what a vessel of the Ambassador Class would look like.

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With apologies to Andy Probert, whose work I love and whose original Ent-C design I love too, his version is not canon.
His design for the Enterprise-C is canon in the "real" TNG universe. The other one we saw was the Enterprise-C in an alternate reality universe!
It's possible that an Ambassador Class ship became the Enterprise-C in the alternate universe. So instead of insisting we are looking at a canon contradiction, the Probert Enterprise-C in the real TNG universe may have belonged to a different class and the only erroneous part about it is assuming it's a member of the Ambassador Class.

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An ill-defined sculpture on a wall with other ill-defined ships does not a canon design make, regardless of how much we saw it on screen.
The sculptures are rather well defined as we can distinct the TOS Enterprise from the Enterprise-A. And they are defined enough to realize that the Enterprise-C on the wall and the one that showed up in "Yesterday's Enterprise" are not the same type of ship.

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We saw Picard's desktop model of the Stargazer all seven seasons, but only saw the actual ship once. The model's registry is NCC-7100, while the Stargazer filming model's registry is NCC-2893. Are we supposed to disregard the registry on the actual filming model because we saw the desktop model more? I don't think so.
Well, I'd first need to see a scene from TNG where the desktop model's registry was really readable.

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