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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for antibodies. The Enterprise crew were antibodies of their own galaxy.
B is for Brandy. Saurian, if you please.
C is for Cardassian Sunrise, an alien alcoholic beverage available in at least one bar on Earth in the Abrams timeline circa 2258.
D is for Deuterium. The fuel for Enterprise's impulse engines.
E is for the Earth Cargo Authority, which governed warp-powered civilian cargo freighters during the 22nd century.
F is for the Fornax Disaster, now gimme the brandy!
G is for the Gorlan Uprising in the Mirror Universe, ruthlessly crushed by Captain James T. Kirk of the ISS Enterprise.
H is for Herman, the name of a series of androids on planet Mudd. I said, gimme the BRANDY!!!
I is for Inertial dampers.
J is for Jeffries Tubes. A more elegant name than 'piping and conduit alley'.
L is for Lazarus. What of him, anyway?
M is for Maltz the Klingon. He did not deserve to live.
N is for Never, how often a controlled-implosion full-power start had been done before the incident at Psi 2000.
O is for Orellious IX.
P is for Peter Kirk.
Q is for Quark's Bar. "Come to Quark's. Quark's is fun. Come to Quark's. Don't walk, RUN!"
R is for Romulan Lager.
S is for the Sun. Slingshot around it at high warp and at just the right conditions and you're in time warp. If you don't you fry.
T is for Temporal anomalys.
U is for Ullian facial ridges, not unlike the facial ridges of a lot of other humanoid races of the known galaxy.
V is for Vanishing, the apparent (but only apparent) effect of drinking Scalosian water. And speaking of drinking, where's that damn brandy?
W is for Wet, the aftereffect of drinking the damn brandy!!!
X is for Xindi evil plan to destroy the Earth.
Y is for the Yar sisters who grew up in the chaotic and failed Federation colony on Turkana IV.
Z is for Zetar.
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